dystlegh grange


We are proud to have been associated with Dystlegh Grange Retirement Home for over 20 years, during which time we have overseen many extensions & alterations, helping to make it the class-leading facility it is today. Many of the suites have separate living rooms & sleeping areas, together with their own external patios, so that the residents can enjoy their individual space without feeling cramped. 


A largely glazed first floor link between the left & right hand areas of accommodation provides a very pleasant lounge area with views of the gardens.


The most striking of the recent extensions is conversion of the existing roof space to a light and airy garden room leading to a rooftop terrace with views over Lyme Park & Kinder Scout. The fully glazed gable wall & multiple rooflights reinforce the connection between the inside and outside space, & provide a striking modern feel to this area.

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